Traveller & Adventurer

Born & brought up in an Army background family, travel is part of my conditioning. I’ve lived & studied in various cities all over India, shifting schools, living in all kind of accommodations. Writing & sharing the experiences came with the travel. The form of expression added photography to the mix some years later.

Right from when PR agencies starting using social media in India, for their outreach in various industries, I’ve been contacted by various brands for the same since 2009. Some of these brands have been travel related or included travel as part of their campaign. Working with people like me, helps brands target a different demographic compared to the one that gets targeted via the traditional means of marketing. My audience – comprising of Blog readers, Twitter/Instagram/Google+ followers, Facebook page fans, and overall network – gets to read about my travel, share my experience, see first hand images of the destination & in return even get to share their reactions in real time, get feedback, ask questions, suggest itineraries and much more.

I travel extensively as part of my personal travel or as part of my professional photography as well.

In the past – Ford endeavour , Ford Classic – 1 tank full, Goa, London

What I can do with travel brands –

Write/Tweet/Instagram/Blog about the experience – pre, during and post travel, share professional images (Instagram during & others post travel), Conduct contests, Do giveaways, Be a speaker at related events.

If you are a brand that has anything to do with experiential travel or has any product or service that I can use for my travel & photography, get in touch