Photographer & Artist

Being a “memories” person, photography started as a requirement to document experiences, and having earned recognition and respect in the photography field, soon became a form of metaphorical expression and symbolism through images.

Professionally, I do fine art wedding photography, event photography, portraits and much more. Photography needs a lot of investment into good equipment. Take a peep inside my camera bag.

I’ve held 2 fine art photography exhibitions in the past. I’m well connected in the Indian photography circuit, participate in photography festivals, attend photography and art exhibitions regularly & evolve my expression along with these activities.

My photographic prints have been bought by some respected collectors in this field. My work has been seen in mainstream media, and I have also received a “best woman photographer” award in 2007, given by Times of India and Canon as part of a photography contest.

Some of my photography work here is available as Limited Edition prints, personally signed and dated in the lower right hand corner in the border.

If you wish to hire me for any requirement, please contact me.

Right from when PR agencies starting using social media in India, for their outreach in various industries, I’ve been contacted by various brands for the same since 2009. Some of these brands have been Photography/travel related or included photography as part of their campaign. Working with people like me, helps brands target a different demographic compared to the one that gets targeted via the traditional means of marketing. My audience – comprising of Blog readers, Twitter/Instagram/Google+ followers, Facebook page fans, and overall network – gets to read about my travel, see professional images of the destination/experience & in return even get to share their reactions in real time, get feedback, ask questions, suggest itineraries and much more.

Photography related brands also approach me often to share/give away their product and get a review. This includes Camera brands, memory storage brands, Photography accessories brands, travel gear brands etc.

In the past – Fuji, Tamron, Sandisk,

If you are a brand that has any product or service that I can use for my travel & photography, get in touch.

© All rights reserved by PRIYANKA SACHAR. Any misuse of images will be dealt with – LEGALLY.

Please DO NOT Copy, Blog, Link, Borrow, Steal, Download or Reproduce ANY of my pictures in ANY form. If you see an image you would like to use, buy, print, showcase — send me an e mail. If you take the image without my explicit written permission then I’ll see you in court.