Lady Geek

Armed with a BE Degree in Computer Science & 14 yrs of former work experience in the IT industry, gives me an exact idea of what it is to live, breathe & eat – tech. I’ve always been obsessive about optimising my experience – be it computers, mobiles, apps, kitchen gadgets, cars, cameras and whathaveyou’s. This leads to an active interest in understanding the underlying tech of anything to say the least.

Right from when PR agencies starting using social media in India, for their outreach in various industries, I’ve been contacted by various brands for the same since 2009. Some of these brands have been tech related. Working with people like me, helps brands target a different demographic compared to the one that gets targeted via the traditional means of marketing. My audience – comprising of Blog readers, Twitter/Instagram/Google+ followers, Facebook page fans, and overall network – gets to read about my experience.

Tech related brands approach me often to share/give away their product and get a review. This includes Camera brands, computer brands, memory storage brands, Mobile brands, Events around Tech etc.

In the past – NDTV Gadget awards, Nokia App tasting, Nokia Mobiles, Lava mobiles, Yu Yureka

If you are a brand that has any product or service that I can use for my tech needs, get in touch.